Fees table

(Summary – 1st January 2022)


­­Inspection fees


Production of EPAL load carriers: EUR 280.00 per inspection

The number of monthly inspections depends on the number of pallets produced. The classification is based on the figures from the previous year.


≤   20,000 EPAL pallets: 1 inspection per calendar month

≤ 100,000 EPAL pallets: 2 inspections per calendar month

> 100,000 EPAL pallets: 3 inspections per calendar month

Repair of EPAL pallets, EPAL Half pallets: EUR 208.33 / EUR 166.67 / EUR 125.00 / EUR 83.33 monthly


The amount of the inspection fee depends on the number of repaired pallets. The classification is based on

the figures of the previous year.


  • less than 5,000 EPAL pallets and EPAL Half pallets: EUR  208.33
  • 5,000 – 9,999 EPAL pallets and EPAL Half pallets: EUR  166.67
  • 10,000 – 29,999 EPAL pallets and EPAL Half pallets: EUR  125.00
  • 30,000 and more EPAL pallets and EPAL Half pallets:  EUR    83.33


For small-scale operations with low repair volumes:

EPAL will charge business operations with a repair volume of less than 12,000 EPAL Euro pallets and with EPAL pallet repair activities in at least six months of the year with inspection fees for only six of the twelve monthly inspections per calendar year. In the event of a negative inspection, default on payment, failure to provide monthly reports or other significant breaches of the EPAL licensing terms, inspection fees will be charged for all 12 monthly inspections for a period of 12 months from the date of the breach of the licence agreement.

As of 1st January 2021, EPAL will charge new licensees with neither the evaluation visit fee nor the monthly inspection fee for the repair of EPAL pallets in the first year of the licence.


Repair of EPAL Box pallets   EUR 230.00

Licence fees (per unit):

Production or repair of EPAL Euro pallets:

- Annual volume (P/RP) ≥ 1 million EPAL Euro pallets: EUR 0.05

- Annual volume (P/RP) ≥ 240,000 and < 1 million EPAL Euro pallets: EUR 0.055

- Annual volume (P/RP) < 240,000 EPAL Euro pallets: EUR 0.06

EPAL Half pallets: EUR 0.06

Production EPAL 2/3: EUR 0.06

Repair EPAL 2/3: EUR 0.06

Production of EPAL Box pallets: EUR 0.20

Repair of EPAL Box pallets: EUR 0.10

Production and repair of EPAL collars and lids: EUR  …


Annual basic fee:

Licensees without membership of a National Committee: EUR 650.00 / EUR 2,500.00

Trade and services: (annual fee including inspection fees)  EUR 1,500.00

Licensing process:

Processing fee1: EUR 550.00

(optional: National Committee’s fee)

Evaluation visit2: EUR 600.00

Level 2 verification: no additional fees as part of a Level 1 acceptation

Repeat inspection: dependent on expenditure


1 There are no processing, evaluation visit, inspection or licence fees due for the production or repair of CP pallets provided the specific business premises of the company in question has a licence to produce and repair other EPAL pallets (applies until 31st December 2023).


2 EPAL will not charge any costs for visiting the company and inspecting test models as part of the approval process for companies to produce EPAL 2/3/6 pallets if the company already has an EPAL licence for the production of EPAL Euro pallets (Level 2).                             

Costs of means of identification marking:

Control staples (Level 1 / Level 2): EUR 0.01 / EUR 0.009

Control seals: EUR 0.08

Dunning fees: EUR 5.00 / EUR 10.00


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