Additional information for the Privacy Policy: VIII Online licensing application

Additional information for the Privacy Policy:


VIII Online licensing application

On our website, you can complete the application form for an EPAL licence to produce and/or repair or trade in EPAL load carriers.


  1. Scope of the data processing

The following data is recorded via the application form:

  • Company name
  • First name and surname (Mr/Mrs/Ms) of contact person
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Bank account details
  • Name and contact details for a contact person in accounts
  • Address and GPS coordinates for each business premises
  • Name and contact details of a contact person for the monthly reports


  1. Purpose of the data processing

The purpose of the data processing of personal data in the application form is only for reviewing the application. Data is not transferred to a third party during this review.

If the application is successful, the data from the application form is stored in our database for the duration of the Licensing Agreement, plus any statutory period of storage. Licensee contact and address details are published on our website in the “Licensee search” section.


  1. Right to object

The applicant may at any time withdraw his or her consent for his or her data to be processed. If an applicant uses this right, the application is rejected and the data is erased if there are no statutory retention provisions.


  1. Duration of storage

Data is erased as soon as it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected. In relation to personal data, this is erased if the application is rejected, or in the case of a successful application, if the contract with the licensee is terminated at some point. 


  1. Legal basis

The legal basis for data processing is included in Article 6 Section 1 Points a, b, f of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Article 6 Section 1 Point a (consent):
    The applicant has given consent to the collecting of the data.
  • Article 6 Section 1 Point b (contract):
    The applicant is a direct contracting partner of EPAL. The data collected is required to perform the contract.
  • Article 6 Section 1 Point f (legitimate interests):
    The contact person’s data is used to process contracts (more quickly). That is our legitimate interest.